Martin’s Patershof – Mechelen


Hotelchain: Martin’s hotels
Location: Mechelen – Belgium
Classification: 4 star hotel
Official website:

I bet most of you never heard about Mechelen. It is located near Antwerp and Brussels… you will love this interesting and cosy city. And how about spending the night in a … church? Yes, you heard it right, this review is about a hotel which is located in a church, built in 1873. The Martin’s Patershof is truly a unique place to stay and is literally just a few steps away from the old city center with the famous St. Rumbolds cathedral. As you enter the church, you will fall in love with the beautiful architecture of the church. They did a fantastic job combining modern and traditional architecture throughout the hotel. Once you are inside, you will appreciate the spacious and modern lobby area. We were greeted (with a smile!) by the friendly reception staff.

IMG_4516 IMG_4517

We stayed in their “Best of home” suite and we were “wowed” when we entered the suite. It is a very exclusive room directly above the altar in the top dome. The room itself is very spacious and spotlessly clean! Decoration is lovely! The bathroom has a (Jacuzzi) bathtub, sink and toilet. What I liked most about the room are the majestic stained-glass windows! They are just amazing… When we were in bed later that night, we felt so special and that’s what the Martin’s Patershof is all about!

IMG_4461 IMG_4483
IMG_4514 IMG_4519

Guests can stay in 5 different types of rooms:  Cosy room, Charming room, Great room, Exceptional (suites) and Best of Home (suite). Some of the rooms are located in monastery which is directly connected to the church. We did visit the cosy rooms and were surprised by how comfortable they are. Even the hallways on the 2nd and 3rd floor in the church are a must-see!

IMG_4513 IMG_4518

Although the hotel doesn’t have a lot of facilities, we enjoyed our drinks at the bar and did appreciate the location of the hotel. It is just a short walk to the historic center of Mechlin with lots of shops, bars and restaurants.

IMG_4534 IMG_4515

After a wonderful night, we had breakfast where the former choir used to be! Very unique place! It was a buffet-style breakfast offering a good variety of hot and cold items. Although we didn’t drink it (it was 7:00 AM), you could enjoy a glass of sparkling wine (always good to know, right).
IMG_4536 IMG_4537

The Martin’s Patershof in Mechelen is an architectural masterpiece! Highly recommended!


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