Hyatt Regency – Düsseldorf


Hotelchain: Hyatt Regency
Location: Düsseldorf – Germany
Classification: 5 star hotel
Official website

I visited several hotels in Düsseldorf and I was excited to stay at the Hyatt Regency as I heard great things about the hotel. First of all, the hotel is beautifully located near the harbor of Düsseldorf. It offers great views of the city and the center is only a 15 minute walk next to the river.

image1 (24)

The Hyatt Regency is one of the best hotels in the city, as soon as you enter you will appreciate the trendy and classy atmosphere. This is a hotel of a true five star level. From the soft lounge music playing in the lobby to the most friendly welcome, the arrival at the Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf was great! I loved the lobby lounge, the furniture is totally up to date and in a great state. The check-in staff told us everything we needed to know about the hotel and surrounding areas.

image6 (18) image7 (18)

We stayed in a deluxe room and luxurious it was! We had a lot of space, the rooms have a great size… And I loved the overall lay-out and decoration of the room. It has a semi open bathroom with separate tub and (rain) shower. Amenities I appreciated particularly were the Nespresso coffee machine and high quality toiletries. The view we had of Düsseldorf was amazing! The quality of the rooms at the Hyatt Regency is of a high standard, that’s for sure. One of the best hotel rooms I have ever had in Düsseldorf.

image4 (21) image5 (19)
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At night, we had dinner at their restaurant, DOX. Before we went to dinner we had a pre-dinner cocktail which we enjoyed thoroughly. Dinner itself was outstanding at DOX. We had a three course menu and found the quality of the food of a very high standard and we loved every single bite. From the sushi to the yummie dessert “Snickers”, it was delicious! The products the chef used were fresh and he certainly did a great job!

image5 (20) image9 (8) image8 (14) image7 (17)

After a great night (the beds are heavenly!), we went downstairs again for breakfast. I am not lying if I tell you that the breakfast at the Hyatt Regency is one of the finest breakfast I have ever had. The products were fresh and the choices are unlimited! From the sparkling wine to the most wonderful prepared eggs, we enjoyed it! Fun fact, do try their hot chocolate…

We finished our visit at the Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf by visiting the Rive Spa area… Maybe this was the best surprise about this hotel. This place is so peaceful … so beautiful … and immaculately clean! Every staff member greeted us with a smile. They make you feel special and at ease here as soon as you enter the spa area. The changing rooms were very clean and had everything I needed to prepare myself before the treatment started.  The ‘On the clouds’ treatment truly was like floating on clouds… It felt so nice and actually was one of the best spa treatments I have ever had! It was a relaxing foot massage that also involved the knees and legs with gentle strokes. They even used different aromas which was so relaxing! The first thing they did was putting a small hot aroma towel on my face and I put a smile on face spontaneously. I felt reborn after the treatment! Highly recommended to experience a treatment at the Rive Spa! After the treatment I went down to relax in the huge jacuzzi. It is a small (hot) pool with different lightning themes. There’s also a sauna and steam room. Again, the whole place was so clean!

image1 (26) image2 (21) image3 (21) image4 (22) image8 (15) image9 (9)

As said before, I did stay at a lot of different high class hotels in Düsseldorf and the Hyatt Regency definitely is one of the very best hotels I have stayed at! Every staff member I met when I was there, was friendly, professional and accommodating. Do not hesitate to book a room here when you’re planning a trip to beautiful Düsseldorf, you won’t be disappointed!

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