Aria hotel – Prague

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Hotelchain: Library hotel collection
: Prague – Czech Replublic
Classification: 5 star hotel
Official website:

Voted as one of the best hotels in Czech Republic, I was very excited to stay at the Aria Hotel in Prague. The main theme of this beautiful 5 star boutique hotel is “music” and you can “feel” the music theme throughout the entire hotel… From the g-clefs on the hotels writing paper to the piano shaped counter in the hotel bar.

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The hotel is located in a very quiet street in the center of Prague. When we entered the hotel, we were greeted by the most friendly bellman. Check-in went smoothly and the receptionist showed us around the hotel in a very informal yet professional way. He also showed us the “hidden door” to the gardens which I will tell more about later.

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After the introduction we went exploring the hotelroom. The room itself is quite big and has a classic decoration. There was a comfy couch and a huge bed. The classic bathroom was not luxurious, but had all the amenities we needed such as a large sink and great toiletries. I did like the fact that there was a pc in the room and I loved the Apple Tv. There is a large selection of free music and movies. Very nice! I should also mention that the room was spotlessly clean.

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We went down again to the beautiful reception area and enjoyed our welcome drink in the bar. Every guest is offered a complimentary drink on arrival and you can choose almost whatever you want. I had a great cocktail with wodka and loved every sip ☺

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Of course, we were curious about their “hidden door” and opened it with our room key. What we saw there really is the main feature of the hotel: the baroque Vrtbovska garden. It is opened to the public during the day, but during the evening only hotelguests can enter the gardens. While situated in the center of beautiful Prague, this tranquil place has so much beauty to offer! I was blown away by how well maintained and large this garden is. The views are just spectacular as you can see on the pictures below…

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We then realized that we were in a very beautiful part of Prague and went upstairs to the rooftopterrace, where the restaurant is located. Again, we were amazed by the view! This really is a hidden gem and there were surprisingly few people around there. This terrace offers one of the best views of the city! You should definitely check it out when you are there! We had lunch on the terrace and both service and quality of the food was outstanding!

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Oh, and when the weather is bad the Aria hotel offers lots of inside facilities as well such as a music and movie library with free use of cd’s and movies, 2 “cinema” rooms with large movie screens and a fitness area with sauna and hammam.

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Breakfast was good with a (small) buffet and some à la carte items. The service was very friendly and the eggs we ordered were yummie! Priced at 15 EUR, the breakfast is a great bargain. They even offer sparkling wine, free of charge.

I enjoyed every minute of my stay at the Aria hotel in Prague and recommend it! The service they provide, the most beautiful gardens and a fantastic rooftop terrace make this hotel truly unique!