Disneyland Paris


Can dreams come true? Definitely! A fairytale starring Emilie, my little niece and myself! Once upon a time …

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Disneyland Paris is one of the most visited, famous and magical theme parks of Europe! Only 32 kilometers from Paris, Disneyland Paris is positioned in an ideal location. Over the last years they have been renovating the parks and hotels. We got the chance to visit and experience the true Disney magic and loved every single minute of our magical stay!

Let me first tell you some facts about the resort, Disneyland Paris opened back in april 1992. There are 6 Disney hotels on site and 2 theme parks: the magical Disneyland Park and the fun Walt Disney Studios. The Disneyland Park is the largest park and is dedicated to fairy tales and Disney characters. With more than 10 million visitors each year, it is the most visited theme park in Europe! The icon castle is replica of the castle seen in Sleeping Beauty. I took my little niece Emilie with me on this trip and she was in love with the castle… It is so nice!


The Disneyland Park is divided into 5 themed areas: Mainstreet USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland and of course Fantasyland. While we were there, the theme was Frozen Summer Fun with shows and parades based on Disney’s Frozen. It is so nice to see the faces of the kids when they finally meet their favorite Disney characters!

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Although we liked all the attractions, I would like to highlight the Princess Pavilion! Located in a beautiful corner of Fantasyland, young royals can meet and have a photo taken with a real Disney princess. A truly magical moment which will be remembered for a very long time! You do need to make an appointment with the princesses so be sure to be there on time!


The 2nd Disney Park, the Walt Disney Studios, opened in 2002. It is a world of cinema and entertainment and is more a teenager park with some thrill rides such as a Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith.

As mentioned before, Disneyland Paris has 6 hotels on site and the David Crockett Ranch where guests can stay in a Disney’s log cabin in the heart of nature, located only a few kilometers from the Disney Parks.

We stayed in the Disneyland Paris’ flagship hotel, the famous 5 star Disneyland Hotel. Truly unique is the fact that this hotel is located right at the entrance of the Disneyland Park! Literally a few steps from the gates, this Victorian Castle is the best Disney could offer! The building itself is spectacular… It looks like a castle featuring in a Disney movie! Complimentary valet parking and a warm welcome was appreciated! As soon as you enter this hotel, you will glide into a magical life of luxury. The grand lobby is so beautiful and majestic… Emilie felt like a princess (and I actually felt like a king too when I descent the stairs J).

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We got a room in the Castle Club, this is a private area within the Disneyland Hotel. It actually felt like a “hotel in a hotel”. This very exclusive area offers a private check-in, separate elevators and a very personal service. Guests staying here are treated as VIP guests. Firstly, there’s a separate elevator with direct access to the entrance of the Disneyland Park. So convenient! Staying at the Castle Club means you will receive VIP Fastpasses which will give you direct access to the Fastpass line (a service that can save you time by reducing the time you spend in line for attractions).  On top of that, free drinks and an afternoon tea is offered as well. I do recommend staying at the Castle Club as you will be able to have breakfast with the Disney Characters! Absolutely amazing and kids will LOVE it!

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The Disneyland Hotel has an indoor pool which is great to hang out after a day in the parks. There’s a fitness room, a full spa and play area for the kids!

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The rooms of the Disneyland hotel are of a very high level. They are luxurious appointed with some magical touches such as Peter Pan drawings on the drawer, Tinkerbell on the doorknob, etc. Rooms at the Castle Club have a Nespresso machine and a dvd player. We even had a small balcony with a unobstructed view of the Disneyland Park! But once again, what I like most about the Castle Club is the personal approach. Every staff member will make sure you will be treated as VIP guests. By the way, even the cappuccino they serve in the Castle Club Lounge featured Tinkerbell J You see what I mean? It’s all about the Disney Magic…

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We were sad to leave, but were heading home with the most magical memories which will last a lifetime!

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