Bliss Hotel – Breda

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Location: Breda – The Netherlands
Classification: 4 star hotel
Official website:

Situated in the heart of beautiful Breda, a small pittoresque village in the Netherlands, right at the Church of Our Lady, the Bliss Hotel is an absolute jewel! This all-suite boutique hotel has 9 suites, all decorated nicely in different themes. After having stayed in many 4 and 5 star hotels, the overall quality of this property blew me away!

As you approach the Bliss Hotel, you will recognize the beautiful building. This hotel opened back in 2004, but it still looks very new… They seem to clean this place all day long. I appreciated the trendy look with nice accents. It is all about the details here! Every staff member I met was young and very accommodating. They are doing an excellent job here!

IMG_8732 IMG_8770

I appreciated the welcome drink! Always a nice touch and appreciation of the hotel!


The Bliss Hotel has only suites, all in a different theme. They have the Classic suite, Dickens & Jones suite, the Mystery suite, Dream suite, Notting Hill suite, Lodge suite, Long Island suite, Wedding suite and the Business Suite. I got the chance to experience the Long Island suite which I loved very much! It felt like staying in an American beachfront hotel near the Atlantic ocean. From the wooden floor to the oversized pillows with maritime accents, this suite has been decorated completely in the New England nautical theme. There is a sitting area with the most comfortable couches and fire place. I still had to do some work which was no problem since there’s an oversized desk in this room where 2 people easily could sit at. All the suites have super king sized beds. The gorgeous bathroom featured bath tub and very large walk-in shower.

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I did visit some other suites and they are all great! Entering a suite is like entering a whole new world. Besides the suites, the Bliss Hotel has a bar and the restaurant ‘Chocolat’ with a chocolate brown interior and accents offering a French cuisine combined with Oriental influences. If you are in the room and want a soda or a beer, there’s an “honesty bar” located on the 2nd floor.

image5-2 image6-2

At night, I lit the candles and enjoyed a cup of coffee. This service is free, by the way. There are no coffee making facilities in the room, but just dial 109 on the telephone and the hotel staff will bring your coffee or tea to the room, at no additional charge. I had a great evening by myself, watching a movie. There are 2 televisions in this suite and you can enjoy movies since they offer Netflix, love it!


The next morning I enjoyed the breakfast, which is always included in the rate. The small and cosy breakfast area has been decorated with style. The buffet offered several cold items and I loved the salmon.

image3-2 image1-3

The Bliss Hotel truly is an amazing four star boutique hotel with very comfortable and fancy suites for both romantic or business trips. Can’t wait to return to this jewel, I truly felt at home here which makes this hotel so unique!

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