Themepark review: Toverland


Toverland (which means Magicland) is a Dutch themepark, located in Sevenum which is pretty close to Germany. Although the park is not that famous yet, it truly was a huge surprise for me! Before I visited the park, I thought it would be a themepark mainly for kids but when we arrived I was blown away by Troy, the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster at the Benelux.

First of all, the location of Toverland is great and is easily reachable. There’s a large parking facility which will cost you about 8 EUR per day. The park ifself was founded in 2001 and has more visitors each year. This is not a surprise, the park is pretty large and recently added 55 hectare for even more attractions.


The main character of Toverland is called Toos, a friendly young lady with a large magical hat. We were there with two young girls and they both loved her! Toos even has her own show in the park and the kids loved every second of it! She welcomed us right at the entrance of the park. Tickets are reasonably priced so everybody will be able to enjoy a wonderful day in this great park.

knipsel knipsel

When you enter Toverland, you enter the Land of Toos. This large indoor park has a lot of attractions for the little ones. A must do is the kids roller coaster, Boomerang. The indoor Land of Toos is directly connected to the other indoor park, the Magic Forest. Trust me, it is huge … and since the weather isn’t always hot and sunny throughout the year, you can still experience a lot of fun without getting wet or freeze. The Magic Forest also focusses on kids attractions with large playgrounds, slides and Backstroke (a waterslide attraction) starts here as well.

1.PNG 3

Besides the two indoor parks, there are also two outdoor places – Troy and the Magical Valley – where guests can experience more thrill attractions such as Troy and Booster Bike, the two main roller coasters of Toverland.


But kids will have a great time here too! It is all about the details here, in the Magical Valley, animatronics can be found all over. The kids loved them! A second water attraction called the Djengu River is perfect for kids! It is not the wildest river I have ever seen which was great because the kids could ride with us. That’s the great thing about Toverland… you can ride most of the attractions with your kids! The Dwervelwind, for example, is an outdoor kids spinning coaster and although the kids didn’t ride on it, it looked fun! I also loved the Maximus’ Blitz Bahn, a toboggan coaster.

1 1.PNG

After exploring and riding the attractions, we were getting hungry! Luckily enough, there are a lot of food options at Toverland. We found the food and drinks reasonably priced! It does bother me at theme parks when they overcharge junk food. As said, prices are fair and we appreciated the overall food quality. Also, the service here is very friendly! Everybody seems to work here with great pleasure and when we had a question or request, nothing was asked for too much!

Toverland definitely is one of the better theme parks I have visited. Everything is right here… From the attractions to the most friendly and accommodating staff. The whole park is well maintained and is not only built for kids… Teen and adults will have a great time here too! Highly recommended for a fun day whether it is winter or summer, you will love it! Thumbs up, Toverland!

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