Kempinski Villa Rothschild


Hotelchain: Kempinski
Location: Frankfurt – Germany
Classification: 5 star hotel


Built between 1888 and 1894, Villa Rotschild Kempinski is world’s smallest Kempinski hotel with only 22 elegant rooms. This glorious five star boutique hotel has a great history. It was built as a summer residence for the family Rothschild and after World War II, it became the heart of economic and politic reconstruction of Western Germany. The decisive contracts for the funding of the Federal Republic of Germany were signed here. How cool is that? I just love to stay at places with a story behind…


Villa Rothschild Kempinski is located near Frankfurt (reachable within 30 minutes) in a large private 10 hectare park. I actually had the feeling of staying in Scotland for some reason. When I saw the hotel after we entered the gate, I was just amazed. It is like a fairytale hotel with such a great charm.

13.jpeg 9

Fairytale rooms

This boutique hotel (or let’s call it Villa) has art surprises waiting for you behind every corner. As soon as I checked in, I couldn’t wait to see my room… Words cannot describe how beautiful the room was. It was decorated with charm and style. With red tones, it felt warm and intimate. And the best thing about the room was the large balcony with the best view over the gardens and surrounding areas. The spectacular view let you easily forget that you are actually near busy Frankfurt. Bathroom featured double sinks and large walk-in shower.

7.jpeg 8.jpeg

A private park …

They have about 80 weddings per year and I can easily see why. You cannot ask for a more romantic setting then here at Kempinski Villa Rothschild. The park is just stunning and walking around is so relaxing. Birds everywhere… Oh, and do not forget to walk to the Donjon of Castle Falkenstein which is a 30 minute uphill walk in the wood. We did walk to the small castle during sunset, kind of scary but so much fun 🙂


Delicious cuisine

Villa Rothschild Kempinski will be opening a new fancy restaurant in the near future which I will write about later. This time, we had dinner at Tizian’s bar. The newly appointed chef prepared a wonderful and exclusive dinner for us. The chef knows how to combine ingredients and added extra touches to each dish, pretty impressive. I’m sure that this restaurant will be a new culinary highlight in the region as soon as it is opened. From the smoked salmon, to the fried monkfish with wild garlic risotto, glaced cherry tomatoes and beurre blanc (I loooooooved this one…..) and the sautéed fillet of beef with thyme jus… every single bite was divine. Sommelier was also very knowledgeable about each wine.

12.jpeg 103.jpg

Guests staying at Villa Rothschild Kempinski can make use of the spa facilities (outdoor pool, fitness club and several saunas) of the neighboring Falkenstein Grand Kempinski which is only 1,5 kilometer away. A short 5 minute drive with their comfortable shuttle (Range Rover!) will take you there.

As you would expect of a five star hotel, turn down service was provided. We had a great night’s sleep in the villa and were awakened with a yummie cappuccino.

Breakfast is served downstairs at Tizian’s bar (if you are lucky, pick the seats near the large window – views are breathtaking). Breakfast was of a high quality, I loved the room where the buffet is presented, it feels like royalty when you are looking for which yoghurt you are going to pick :). The Nutella filled pancaked made me feel as a child again – I was so happy with them 🙂


I cannot say enough good things about this place. Villa Rothschild Kempinski is a top notch five star hotel with a great history. They are doing an excellent job by maintaining the tradition of the Villa. I would call this a fairytale high class hideaway near Frankfurt which I thoroughly recommend!


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