Airport hotel: Hilton Madrid

: Hilton
Location: Madrid – Spain
Classification: 5 star hotel


Hilton Madrid is a five star hotel located near the airport of Madrid. It is only a 10 minute drive to reach at all the terminals which makes this hotel ideal if you need to catch an early flight the next day or if you arrive pretty late in the evening.

As you can expect of a Hilton hotel, Hilton Madrid offers comfortable rooms and a good service. For example, a complimentary shuttle service from/to the airport is offered to all guests. It runs every 20 minutes. Four times a day, a shuttle will even bring you to the center of Madrid, dropping you off at Puerta de Alcalá from where you can easily explore Madrid!

Although the building itself has been built years ago, the hotel from the inside looks pretty modern. I liked the bright atrium and overall atmosphere. Check-in staff was efficient and provided us with all the information we needed to know.


The rooms at Hilton Madrid are nicely appointed featuring either a king sized bed or twin beds. Our spacious room had a comfortable lounge chair and a nice desk. The semi-open bathroom featured bathtub and separate shower and standard Hilton toiletries.


Hilton Madrid offers an outdoor pool which can be covered if needed and a full sized fitness area. It is great to be able to use the pool after a flight.


Downstairs, there’s a restaurant and bar where guests can either enjoy a full menu or a small light snack and drink. Staff was very attended and were pleased to serve us in a very kind way. We only had a drink so I cannot comment on food.


Breakfast is served here too consisting of a good buffet with several cheeses and ham. If you need to catch a plane very early in the morning, a small buffet with coffee, tea and some pastries and croissants is offered… Very nice touch!

Hilton Madrid is one of the better airport hotels near the airport of Madrid. I would recommend this hotel is you need to catch a plane early in the morning as the shuttle service is very convenient. Even for a stopover in Madrid, this hotel is a good choice as it offers a shuttle service to the city center. Make sure to reserve your spot though, as places are limited! Very pleased with my stay!

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