Hilton Paris Opéra


Hotelchain: Hilton
Location: Paris – France
Classification: 4 star hotel
Official websitewww3.hilton.com/…/hilton-paris-opera-PAROPHI


Hilton Paris Opéra is one of the best four star hotels I have stayed at in the city of lights. This upscale hotel has a prime location in Paris and offers the most comfortable rooms one could wish for. I was surprised with this hotel, let me tell you why…

Although, Hilton Paris Opéra is located within a historic building, when I entered this hotel I was blown away by how they managed to combine a contemporary style without eliminating the historic touches. The grand lobby area is gorgeous with large chandeliers and comfortable couches. Again, the well-designed bar is an eye-catcher and definitely a must-visit! Their cocktails are delicious – check it out yourself 🙂

image1 (82)
image3 (70) image2 (79)

Check-in went smoothly and in just seconds, we were ready to explore our room. Every room at Hilton Paris Opéra is luxuriously appointed and the fact that almost every room has a different shape does add some charm to this place. No ordinary, boring rooms here … all rooms are decorated in a very stylish way. Although I was in the middle of Paris, the room had a descent size. I had plenty of room to work, relax and sleep. Perfect!

image6 (56).jpeg
image4 (64).jpeg

Bathrooms are impressive and again, large. Each bathroom is equipped with a walk-in shower and marble sinks.

image5 (60).jpeg

As every Hilton, this hotel also has an executive lounge. For an additional charge, guests are able to relax, work, eat and drink in a private lounge located on the first floor. Some lounges at hotels are pretty boring, but the one at Hilton Paris Opéra is definitely worth the upgrade. From candies to afternoon treats, they have it all here. Guests can enjoy complimentary soft and hot drinks throughout the day. During the evening hours (6pm-8pm), complimentary wine and spirits are offered as well as light bites. Breakfast is served here as well and is included when you have access to the executive lounge so once again, definitely worth the price!

image11 (20)
image12 (21)

Each morning, a large breakfast buffet is available next to the executive lounge. The food was outstanding with several hot à la carte items which are included in the rate.

Hilton Paris Opéra is a top notch four star hotel in the center of Paris. The grand boutique feeling is noticeable throughout the entire hotel! Loved it!


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