Aristi Mountain Resort

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Location: Aristi – Greece
Classification: 4 star hotel


Aristi Mountain Resort is an upscale four star hotel in the gorgeous Aristi area! It makes part of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. This is not your average hotel! Inside this authentic resort is another world waiting for you! The hotel invites you to cross the line into an extraordinary world where lovely design and service are top priority. I was so surprised… let me tell you why!


The resort has several buildings. Each traditional building has a wooden roof is beautifully integrated in the nature with respect of the local environment. I loved the local grey stone tiles of the buildings.


I loved my room here! Each room design at Aristi Mountain Resort is unique and all feature a trendy cozy mountain theme. The bed was very comfortable. The lay out is excellent. The comfy sitting area was great to relax after a hike in the area. It really reminds you of being in the mountains with all the gorgeous designer elements. I appreciate the local materials that were used to build and decorate this resort. Again, the grey stone tiles added the extra wow factor. Bathroom featured a bathtub, single sink and toilet.

Each room at Arisiti Mountain Resort has a view over the surrounding area. The balcony is the perfect place to relax and soak up all the beauty of nature.


I recharged myself at one of the most stylish spa areas in town. This is the place to relax, unwind and refresh yourself after an active day in the mountains. The indoor pool is a treat and feels very relaxing. Other facilities I enjoyed were the steam room and sauna, both very well maintained and so relaxing after a day in the mountains!


Speaking of activities, there is so much to do in this area. From rock and mountain climbing to rafting, canyoning, horse riding, etc. you won’t get bored here. When we think of Greece, we think of islands and history. But the mainland is gorgeous too. I was really impressed with all the beauty of nature. It is really worth to visit this area. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Aristi Mountain Resort has several restaurants for you to explore. Salvia Restaurant is the main restaurant offering panoramic views of the Greek mountains. Just beautiful! We had dinner here and the food and service didn’t disappoint. Actually, the varied menu will please anyone. Local ingredients were used to prepare the food and it tasted so good. The traditional Epirotic dishes were much appreciated!


Breakfast at Aristi Mountain Resort is something to look forward to each morning! The food and service are outstanding! Having breakfast with such a view will please anyone!


Aristi Mountain Resort is one of a kind and one of the better four star hotels in the area. Loved my stay here and I highly recommend to book a wonderful room while staying in the Aristi area.

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