Château Jemeppe

Location: Hargimont, Belgium
Classification: Luxurious Guesthouse
Official website:

We all know that Belgium has many beautiful spots to discover. During this pandemic I have got the pleasure to discover new places in my own country. One place I can definitely recommend is Château Jemeppe. Having stayed at many high end properties, this castle was beyond words and I can’t say enough good things about this place.

First of all, the location is amazing. The castle is located in a small town, named Hargimont near March-en-Famenne and Rochefort. Durbuy is only 20 km away. When you enter Château Jemeppe, you are in a private gem with all the luxury amenities one could wish for. Guests are treated like royalty here and nothing is asked for too much here. The personal approach is highly appreciated and one of the key factors of Château Jemeppe.

Of course, this castle wasn’t built as a hotel. The castle is of medieval origin. The wings of the castle, double moat and farmstead also date from that period. The wings were modernized in 1739 and 1748, and more windows were added. Restoration work was also carried out at the beginning of the 19th century, including on the gallery and the gatehouse next to the donjon.

The castle has been completely renovated over the years and now is a top notch place where there’s a surprise waiting for you behind every single corner. Make sure to visit the big tower which is now used for conferences. Still you can soak up the history of this place.

There are two walks on the property itself. It’s great walking around the castle and river. I must highlight the fact that the gardens are very well maintained.

Once I stepped in at Château Jemeppe, I was greeted by the most accommodating staff who made me feel at ease right from the first second. I immediately realized I was in a special place. The furniture feels very luxurious and I love the fact that they kept some of the original elements. It is all about the details here. Check-in was very efficient and after I received my key, I couldn’t wait to explore my room! There are 70 rooms at Château Jemeppe. Some rooms are located in the farm house and some rooms are in the castle itself. For such a large building, it is impressive that they’re still able to provide such a wonderful personalized service.

I stayed in the castle (room 10) and was very satisfied. The room had a great size. No standard furniture here, all items (and I litterly mean every item/product/…) has something unique. The room had a nice cozy sitting area with the most comfortable couches. The Asian themed bed was to die for. I loved the décor, this is how every castle room should look like. Walking on the wooden floors added this ‘castle feeling’ even more. Bathroom featured double sink, a large bath tub. Of course, nice toiletries are provided.

Another highlight of Château Jemeppe is the spa area. It is the perfect place to unwind and relax after exploring the area. It is so quiet and peaceful… and the décor is so relaxing. There’s an indoor pool and a Finnish sauna.

Dining at Château Jemeppe was to die for. Since we were staying their during the Covid-19 pandemic, we dined inside our room. It’s such a special feeling when you are served in your own castle room. I felt like a king! The quality of the food was outstanding! The 3 courses they served were delicious. Do note that the menu changes regularly so even if you stay for more than one night, each dinner will be different.

Breakfast at Château Jemeppe is something to look forward to. There’s no better way to start your day with a delicious breakfast. From a nice selection of bread to freshly prepared yoghurt with fruit. It’s all there. Again, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Château Jemeppe is one of a kind. It is all about service here. The staff is among the most accommodating I have ever experienced. Each staff member I met was a professional. I can’t wait to stay here again and will make to choose this castle when I am in the area. The place to be for a luxurious getaway.

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