Aquarein – Grobbendonk

Awarded as the most beautiful sauna complex of Belgium and located in a very peaceful area of Grobbendonk, Aquarein is THE place to relax and unwind. After all the hectic times we live in, all we have to do is sometimes think about our mental and physical health and treat ourselves to a relaxing me-time. That’s exactly why I love Aquarein.

The first thing I really appreciate is the professional and kind welcome. Each time, we are welcomed with a smile and everything is explained in a very kind way. That’s how it should it. As soon as I enter I feel at ease and you immediately realize you are in a professional wellness center. Each guest receives a locker key which is also used for on site payments. That’s great as you do not have to carry any credit card or cash. Smartphone are also not allowed. Isn’t that great? Of course, you’re not allowed to take any pictures but it’s also super nice to be offline for a period of time. No e-mails, no messages, etc.

The locker rooms are very well maintained as is the rest of the complex. There’s no need to take your own towels or bathrobes as you can rent them on site.

The wellness complex itself is huge. It has an indoor/outdoor pool, a large jacuzzi, hammam, relaxing areas and several saunas. What I really appreciate is the fact that there’s hangers all over the place. While this is a nude facility, I like to wear my towel and bathrobe. When I want to enjoy a sauna session, I take my bathrobe off, hang it next to sauna and I’m ready to relax. During the day they offer several sauna sessions which are not to be missed.

The outdoor area is beautiful. There’s a beautiful garden with comfortable loungers and a large outdoor pool. There’s another jacuzzi as well which is the perfect spot to enjoy the garden views. Several other saunas are here too for you to enjoy. Make sure to also enjoy their bio sauna which uses several color schemes.

No wellness day without a spa treatment. Aqaurein has several therapists who are each professional and kind. We were escorted to the treatment room and totally enjoyed the experience. They definitely know how to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Also, each request was taken care of. The relaxing music made the experience even more special. Make sure to book upfront as a lot of guests book massages. If you are more into facials, they offer them as well.

Aquarein also has an on-site restaurant which we made use of. The Aperol Spritz which we ordered was actually one of the best we have ever had. Also, the small tapas were delicious. Service was splendid and we didn’t have to wait too long for our food and drinks. Excellent!

If you are looking for a relaxing me-time with just yourself or with your partner, mother, etc. look no further and treat yourself a visit to Aquarein. You won’t be disappointed!

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