Hotel Sablon – Bruges


Location: Bruges – Belgium
Classification: 4 star hotel


We all know Bruges has many luxury hotels. Many of them in the traditional style of Bruges. Hotel Sablon is somehow different. Hotel Sablon has been operated as a hotel since 1597. It actually was the first hotel in Bruges and still is operating as a hotel today. I had high expectations, but still was totally blown away by this property. Having stayed at many high end properties in Bruges, this hotel was beyond words and I can’t say enough good things about this place.

First of all, the location is amazing. Right in the city center of Bruges and within walking distance to the major attractions of this beautiful city. Still you are in a private boutique hotel with all the luxury amenities one could wish for. The small inner garden before you enter the hotel is a hidden gem.


Once I stepped in, I was greeted by the most accommodating staff who made me feel at ease right from the first second. Guests are treated like royalty here and nothing is asked for too much here. The personal approach is highly appreciated and one of the key factors of Hotel Sablon.The lobby kind of feels like a big living room with comfortable couches and an open fire place. I immediately noticed the sweet corner with complimentary sweets and refreshments. Be sure to have one yourself, I loved it 🙂


After check-in it was time to explore our room. I stayed in one of their Mansion Suites and again I was very satisfied. The room had a great size. No standard furniture here, all items (and I mean every item/product/…) is of such a high quality. I fell at home here which is unique. The room had a nice cozy sitting area with the most comfortable couch. The bed was to die for. Some interesting art work can be found in each room which is always a nice touch.


Bathroom is very luxurious featuring an oversized bath tub and a fantastic walk-in shower. There are plenty of luxury Moooi toiletries. Not only do they look great, they smell amazing too! The lighted marble sink definitely is they eye catcher of the bathroom. It certainly gives the extra luxurious feeling.


The Loft Suite on the top floor is one of a kind. Actually, it is the most beautiful room in Bruges I have seen so far. Very stylish, contemporary and ultra luxurious.


Breakfast at Hotel Sablon is something to look forward to. The breakfast room is one of a kind, decorated with style and eye for details. The buffet consists of freshly made products which are of a great quality. A lot of healthy options too! But also omelets, fried eggs, etc. everything is possible and again, service is provided – each time with a smile.


It is all about service at Hotel Sablon. The staff is among the most professional and accommodating I have ever experienced in Bruges.  As said before, after spending so many nights at so many luxurious hotels, it is great to still be impressed by hotels like Hotel Sablon.

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