Svilla Turnhout


Location: Turnhout
Classification: Luxurious guesthouse


Situated in Turnhout, Svilla is one of a kind! This ultra luxurious guesthouse has it all: from the most accommodating and charming host to the most impressive designer elements. The location is great as you are within walking distance of the most important and interesting sights of Turnhout. The small hotel is near a beautiful park which is ideal for walking. Be sure to walk along the main road and visit some local shops and bars. It is such a nice village!

Entering Svilla feels like entering a small paradise. It is so quiet and peaceful here. Staff made sure we felt welcome right from the beginning. There’s a lot to see here, it felt like behind every corner, a new surprise is waiting for you. The open reception area is very nicely decorated with some interesting art work and the most comfortable couch. The Christmas decoration was a great touch. Check-in was very efficient and our keys were handed in just seconds. A welcome drink was offered which is always a bonus!


We stayed in the Marble Suite, a gorgeous design suite which is decorated with great taste. The king sized bed was very comfortable and bed linen were ultra soft, loved it! The small couch was great for reading a book and the small working desk was perfect to do some work.


The best thing about this suite is the enormous marble bathroom with free standing bath tub and oversized shower. The floor to ceiling windows offers stunning panoramic views over the surrounding areas.


Svilla has a total of 11 rooms and one apartment. Each decorated in a very stylish, contemporary way!

I can imagine that during summer time it is great to hang out around the pool and enjoy the nice area. Kindly note that children under 12 are not allowed at Svilla which guarantees a peaceful stay.

Breakfast is always included at Svilla and there’s a huge buffet waiting for the guests each morning. From the yoghurts to the Belgian chocolats, everything tasted excellent and was of a great quality. By the way, this whole place is maintained in an excellent way! I couldn’t find any dirty spot here!


Svilla is one of the most luxurious guesthouses I have stayed at. I particularly loved the great hospitality and the gorgeous marble bathroom. All I can say is, try it out yourself and I promise you will be impressed as well!

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